Command line options

ProjPicker finds coordinate reference systems (CRSs) whose bounding box contains given geometries; visit for more details

usage: projpicker [-h] [-V] [-C] [-O | -A] [-D PROJPICKER_DB] [-P PROJ_DB]
                  [-p] [-f {plain,json,pretty,sqlite,srid}] [-n]
                  [-s SEPARATOR] [-m MAX] [-i INPUT] [-o OUTPUT] [-g | -u]
                  [-1] [-S [SERVER]] [-c]
                  [geometry [geometry ...]]

Positional arguments


query geometry in latitude and longitude (point or poly) or south, north, west, and east (bbox); each point or bbox is a separate argument and multiple polys are separated by any non-coordinate argument such as a comma

Named arguments

-V, --version

print version (0.3.2) and copyright, and exit

Default: False

-C, --create

create ProjPicker database

Default: False

-O, --overwrite

overwrite output files; applies to both projpicker.db and query output file

Default: False

-A, --append

append to output file if any; applies only to query output file

Default: False

-D, --projpicker-db

projpicker database path (default: /home/docs/checkouts/; use PROJPICKER_DB environment variable to skip this option

Default: “/home/docs/checkouts/”

-P, --proj-db

proj database path (default: /usr/share/proj/proj.db); use PROJ_DB or PROJ_LIB (PROJ_LIB/proj.db) environment variables to skip this option

Default: “/usr/share/proj/proj.db”

-p, --print-geometries

print parsed geometries in a list form for input validation and exit

Default: False

-f, --format

Possible choices: plain, json, pretty, sqlite, srid

output format (default: plain)

Default: “plain”

-n, --no-header

do not print header for plain output format

Default: False

-s, --separator

separator for plain output format (default: pipe for plain, newline for srid)

-m, --max

maximum number of returned CRSs (default: all); use 0 for all

Default: 0

-i, --input

input geometry file path (default: stdin); use - for stdin; appended to geometries from arguments unless it is stdin with no incoming data

Default: “-”

-o, --output

output bbox file path (default: stdout); use - for stdout

Default: “-”

-g, --gui

ignore input geometries and start GUI immediately

Default: False

-u, --select-gui

start GUI for selecting queried CRSs; GUI will not start if no CRSs are queried

Default: False

-1, --single

allow only one selection in GUI

Default: False

-S, --server

start the standalone web server; optionally, specify the IP address and port on which the server listens (default: localhost:8000); other options except –client are ignored

-c, --client

start a new client in the user’s default browser; only used with the web server

Default: False