If installed with pip, ProjPicker uses the following standard modules:

Optionally to use the wxPython-based GUI, install wxPython from PyPi. Without this optional module, the tkinter-based GUI will be used as a fallback. The former looks and feels more native, and supports semi-transparency on all platforms while the latter looks uniform across platforms. Since tkinter is a part of the Python standard library, at least the tkinter GUI will always be available.

The ProjPicker SQLite database (projpicker.db) will come packaged when installed with pip. However, if any problems should arise and the projpicker.db should need to be recreated, the additional dependency of pyproj will be needed. For more information about projpicker.db, see here.

pyproj is also needed for match operations. To learn more about the match operator, refer to the query syntax.

Using pip

Python package

Installation with pip is the recommended way to install both the CLI appliction and the Python module.

pip install projpicker

From source

The current development version of ProjPicker can be downloaded and installed from source here. Use pip to install ProjPicker from the source directory.

git clone
cd projpicker
pip install -e .